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8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Travel Today!


First, there are many, many reasons to travel!

So let me start off this article by saying that there are many, many more reasons to travel than the ones listed below. This list just summarizes some of the most powerful reasons to get off your butt and go see the world. So let’s get started!

why travel

1. cultures & customs

The first reason to travel is that you will encounter new customs and cultures in your travels. This is such an enriching and meaningful experience in so many ways. By learning about how other people do things you will see that there are more ways to get things done than just what you are familiar with. Whenever you return home you will never forget these different views on life and it may forever impact you.

adventure travel

2. adventure

Everyone knows that travel can bring adventures into your life. This is why well-traveled people often have the best stories to tell. So get out of your comfort zone and go see what’s out there! You may end up liking what you find. These types of adventures whether they are with good friends or solo will spur you on to travel more and really push the limits next time!

travel connections

3. human connections

One of the greatest things that we humans have is the ability to make connections with others in a genuine way. These connections are not stopped by language or ethnicity but rather these so-called barriers can actually make us connect on a more profound level. So don’t be afraid to talk to people that you think you would have nothing in common with, you just might be surprised at how similar you both are.

travel the great outdoors

4. the great outdoors

Many of us love to travel because we get to experience nature in all its glory. Visiting some of the world’s most beautiful places is something that every traveler enjoys. If for nothing else, go travel to see all of the beauty in the world. There is so much of it out there and it’s just waiting for you.

travel food

5. food

We’ve talked about people and nature but you’re probably thinking ‘what about the food?’. Well, we couldn’t leave this one out, that’s for sure. Some people travel to far-flung destinations just for a great meal and can we really blame them? Much of a culture can be summed up in their food so why not enjoy eating. Go out there and start eating!

travel reflection

6. reflection

It’s often during traveling that we take time for reflection and deep thinking about why we’re doing what we’re doing. So don’t shy away from those lonelier moments when it’s just you and your thoughts. These may be some of the most rewarding times that you have as you take the time to really get to know yourself. After some deep reflection, many travelers come away refreshed and renewed to continue exploring. The changes that you experience during this time will often shape you for life.

travel unknown

7. unknown

This one may be a bit difficult to understand at first but let’s break it down. When you go somewhere new with people that you don’t know you can expect the unexpected. This is that “unknown” that often holds many back from traveling because they want everything to be planned and perfect from the beginning. But here’s a little secret, travel is never ever perfect. Things will happen that throw your plans into a funk. You will get upset, sad and even angry. But you will overcome the unknown and grow stronger from it. Trust me on this one. So instead of shying away from the unknown why not embrace it and let it help you to grow.

travel broadens your horizons

8. broaden your horizons

It’s no mystery that travel broadens our horizons in so many ways. We learn to understand people on a more human level and we develop a greater appreciation for our beautiful planet. We will be forever changed for the better and we will be a better human being and contributor to society. So if this list has one message it’s this, get out there and travel! Not sure where to go? Check out this post for some suggestions. What are you waiting for?!?

Did we miss something? Comment below and let us know why you travel!

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  1. Jimmy D'Amore

    Hi Antoine and Kanicia! Great post. My family and I love traveling and have explored near and far. I agree with all your points. I know many people who don’t care to travel anywhere and we just don’t understand it. Lol I guess people are different. Great looking blog! 🙂

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Thanks! Yeah, I guess everyone’s different. Keep exploring! 🙂

  2. Steven

    Awesome insight on travelling! it is very important to travel and experience the many cultures and connections that are available on Earth; I definitely need to travel soon!

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Hi Steven, thanks for your comment. We hope you get to travel soon!

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