You are currently viewing Visiting Slovenia? For a Unique, Luxury Experience Stay at BIGBERRY!

Visiting Slovenia? For a Unique, Luxury Experience Stay at BIGBERRY!

Thinking about summer yet? Visit BIGBERRY!

Even though we’re right in the middle of December you might be already dreaming about where to travel next summer. If you’re anything like us,  you enjoy finding unique travel experiences a bit off the beaten path.

What about the Balkans next year to get your fill of culture and natural beauty? If you head that way, put Slovenia on your list! let us tell you why you should put Slovenia on your list! Even better visit the BIGBERRY resort!

During this past summer, we spent a month in Slovenia. We traveled around the country enjoying all it had to offer. We had a blast and we fell in love with the country after just a few days. This is a country that is beautifully green, with mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests everywhere!

The people are friendly and most speak English pretty well. You can also find good value since Slovenia is not a super popular tourist destination. So during our stay, we were able to spend several days at BIGBERRY which is an amazing eco-resort concept that works with local producers and business to deliver an authentic experience to its guests. Here’s why you should visit BIGBERRY if you go to Slovenia.

Slovenia resort

The People

The staff at BIGBERRY are not like your ordinary hotel workers. They are all creative people and passionate about hospitality. After arriving we felt welcomed and comfortable. You will quickly get the impression that everyone that is a part of BIGBERRY is there to help you and make sure that you have a good time. This was super refreshing.



The Activities

Earlier we mentioned that BIGBERRY has various activities that you can take advantage of which involve the local community and producers. These activities include:

  • dining at specially selected restaurants
  • learning about the food and cooking style of Slovenia
  • visiting interesting buildings that are full of history
  • visits to areas of  natural beauty that only the locals know of

We were able to do many activities and meet many cool people that make up the local community. We wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

Slovenia stay at BIGBERRY

The Environment

The local surroundings of BIGBERRY are absolutely stunning! BIGBERRY is situated on a river that divides Slovenia and Croatia. There are several little houses that serve as accommodation. These look out onto the river and are perfectly situated. The location is perfect for taking peaceful walks, swimming in the river or doing some kayaking. There are also many spaces where you can just pull up a chair and read a book or bask in the sun. To say that you’ll be relaxed is an understatement. Aside from the actual grounds are the surrounding villages and towns. It’s a picturesque area that will give you a good sense of the local culture and people.

Slovenia eco-resort BIGBERRY

So, we hope that this post has got you thinking about visiting Sthis hidden gem in Slovenia. There are many reasons to search out these unique travel experiences, read our favorites by clicking here.

Now that you’ve set your mind on visiting a unique destination, we would 100% recommend visiting Slovenia. The country is great and it’s also a good jumping off point to see other places. You can easily visit Croatia, Italy, Austria and even Hungary from Slovenia. There are so many things to discover in these places that we’re sure you’ll have a hard time deciding what to do.

Have you made travel plans for 2018? Let us know where you’re going in the comments!

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Slovenia luxury resort

Thanks to BIGBERRY for hosting us as guests. All opinions are our own. This post may contain affiliate links at no cost to you but may provide a commission which supports this blog.

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  1. amit

    Bigberry looks like a stunning place, more like a retreat than a resort 😀 it just seems so tranquil. I’ve heard so many good things about Slovenia, and although I’m more of a budget traveler I can really really see myself sitting by the river just letting my thoughts drift away. I really do need to visit Slovenia soon 😀

  2. Samantha

    I would love to go! I love when I can find a place to just take it easy. It’s a vacation, it’s supposed to be slow and relaxing.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Yeah that’s for sure! You’ll enjoy it!

  3. I agree that Slovenia is well worth the visit! I loved my time there, exploring the mountains and lakes. This looks like a nice place to stay.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Cool, yeah it’s a great place!

  4. Bigberry sounds incredible! I have always wanted to stay at an eco-resort and you mentioned that there is even a chance to learn about the food and cooking styles of Slovenia! This is exactly what my husband and I would totally do!

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Yeah they are amazing! Such an authentic experience!

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Yeah for sure! 100% agree!

  5. Tara

    Stunning!! If we head back to Europe, this will go on our list! Thank you 🙂

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Awesome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  6. lorena

    Such a beautiful place looks like it has been an amazing experience, I am looking for new places to visit definitelyp my next destiny.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      You should consider Slovenia for sure!

  7. Joleisa

    This looks like a lovely destination to go to, honestly. And the place you stayed at. I like destinations that consider the environment and the impact of what we do on it.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Cool, yeah it’s a great place! Love Slovenia and BIGBERRY!

  8. Dalene

    I’ve heard so much about Slovenia from the days I was still in high school where I’d marked it as my travel destination someday. And your pics say it all; when it comes to areas only locals know of, that’s already a guarantee of a really beautiful place. Such areas are usually hidden to preserve their natural beauty.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Yeah, Slovenia is a great place that is often overlooked. We hope you’re able to visit it soon!

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