Escape the Crowds-Take the Undiscovered Route on Your Next Trip!

Escape the Crowds-Take the Undiscovered Route on Your Next Trip!


Escape the overcrowded tourist destinations…

So you’re probably thinking about your next destination in 2018! Maybe you want to go somewhere like Paris, London or Rome. These places are well-known, romanticized and thousands of people visit them every year. So should be a safe bet, right? Well, these places are well-known for a reason. They offer beauty, good food and are full of culture. But let us tell you why you should skip the popular destinations, escape the crowds and discover an underrated gem!

We have three reasons why you need to go and visit more undiscovered places. When we say “undiscovered” we just mean they are off the radar, not as popular as some other major tourist destinations. However, this doesn’t mean that they are in any way less. The experience you find in these destinations may just move you to give up on the tourist traps and the well-trodden cities in favor of more unknown and less explored destinations.

escape the crowds


Less Crowds

Does it really matter how many people are visiting a place? Well, we’ve found that it can really color your experience of a city or country if there are more tourists than there are locals. When we visited Toledo, Spain during the height of summer, we could barely tell if we were in a historic town or an amusement park that seemed historic. There were so many tourists that it was nearly impossible to enjoy the charm of this city.

This really makes a difference when it comes to getting into the main attractions. So, if you instead go to a less-known city or country you will really be able to enjoy the area. You can say goodbye to the endless lines and hordes of impatient people all clamming up to get their turn to see the tourist sites. You will also love this because when you are just out and about exploring the area you won’t be surrounded by tourists but instead you will get the real feel of the place because it will be full of locals.

When you interact with people you may have to struggle a little with the language and customs but in the end, it will be a richer experience. For example, when we visited Slovenia we spent a lot of time talking with the locals we met. We were even invited to someone’s home for coffee! Imagine being able to spend time with someone who is happy to share their culture with you! Now that is the travel we like to experience! You feel like you’ve learned something new and have been transformed by the experience.

slovenia locals
With the locals in Slovenia!


More Authentic

So think about it, if a place doesn’t have to conform to tourist tastes it won’t have to change just to please a group of people. This affects the food, the events, the way the people behave and much more. Have you ever visited a place hoping to get some authentic, local food? As you walk past restaurant after restaurant you start to wonder what is going on. You only see hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches…you know non-authentic food. This is a classic example of a town losing it’s authenticity as it tries hard to cater to tourist tastes.

Wouldn’t you rather stumble across typical authentic cafes and restaurants serving local food, full of locals? This has the stamp of a good experience just waiting to happen all over it. So when you go to places that aren’t used to having tourists you’ll be more likely to have a more authentic experience not just with the food but also in your interactions with the people you meet. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new!

escape the crowds


If you are looking to save money then going to a lesser-known region will help your pocketbook. Many well-known, frequently visited cities or countries often have higher prices because they receive so many tourists from wealthier countries. Tourism becomes the main pillar of the economy. However, if you visit a lesser-known region where tourism is not the way the city or country supports itself, well, then you’ve hit the jackpot! It’s time to escape the crowds! You are going to have the same experience that the locals do, which means you’ll pay the same price as the locals do as well.Β You may discover something that you like that the majority of others miss.

less crowds

So where should you go?

What countries fall into this category of “lesser-known, undiscovered gems”? Where can you go to escape the crowds of tourists? Well Lonely Planet put out a list for next year, here are our favorites from the list:

  • Georgia- not the state, the country lol. Drenched in history but moving forward in this modern age, Georgia is waiting to be explored! If you are a wine lover, it’s very proud of its wine culture and you’ll love exploring it!
  • Malta- this small island has so much history and is a mix of cultures. It was named the European Capital of Culture for 2018 and there are many reasons why! Plus with almost year-round sunshine and beautiful beaches, this is a place definitely worth exploring!
  • Portugal– this is an often overlooked country in Europe but is a destination for those who love food, culture and the arts! From cities to its over 300 beaches, Portugal is a gem waiting to be explored! Go during the off-season for a real crowd-free experience!
  • South Korea- looking for a modern city with parks, cafes, and restaurants galore? Then this is the place for you. Plus they will be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics! How exciting!

There are many others but do some research, think about the things that interest you and find out where you can experience these things in places a bit off the beaten track. Get out there to the undiscovered places because there will be fewer crowds, you’ll have more of an authentic experience and your wallet will thank you in the end. So which country on the list have you visited? Or would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Completely agree with all of this! I always try and make friends with locals when I’m travelling, as I definitely think it makes a trip more enjoyable, as well as educational! Having just read another blog post about Georgia, that’s now somewhere adding to my list x

    1. Glad you liked article!

  2. Love the shot of the Slovenia locals. They look very hospitable. We spent a few weeks in Spain this summer and one of our best experiences was the day we took the local bus from Toledo to the little rural community of Consuegra, which sits beneath a ridge with beautiful “Don Quixote” windmills and a partially restored medieval fort. Unfortunately, we arrived in early afternoon and all the eating establishments were closed until evening, after we were gone.

    1. That’s wonderful, sounds like you had a nice time in Spain. It’s a great country with a lot to offer.

  3. As a long-term traveler/backpacker I couldn’t agree more with this. Although I’ve traveled to some popular places, even though I’ve done touristy things I much prefer places less traveled. what I find is these touristy places and now so commercial, they are geared towards just making money. Like you said going to places less traveled you are more likely to get a more authentic experience, you get to know locals better as in touristy places locals most the time don’t like tourists. This was a great read, there are so many things I could say about traveling to less touristy places but I’d be here all day haha.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, you are spot on. We hope that more and more people get to discover places that are less visited. We think that they would be pleasantly surprised by what they find. We hope that you keep traveling and discovering!

  4. Georgia is a great idea- I say that cause I’ve been there. I do want to visit Malta, I believe it’s one of the upcoming destinations for the next year and will see tourism picking up soon. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Portugal already! Not sure if I want to do South Korea but you never know! Thanks for all these suggestions, I think they’re great offbeat places.

    1. Cool, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. There are definite benefits to going to a touristy area but I agree that going the route of a less traveled location is a better option. In the high traffic areas you get a very false experience, it’s all for show. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to visit Georgia or South Korea or the other places you mentioned but trying to implement this into all my travels is something I’d like to try. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked the article!

  6. I couldn’t agree more! I absolutely love Portugal, and am thinking about moving there, it’s that great! Great advice about lesser busy places to be cheaper too, especially here in Europe.

    1. Awesome, we’re glad you agree with trying to visit less popular places.

  7. Georgia is actually on our list of countries to visit! We love the less crowded hidden gems! Great post!

    1. That’s awesome, we do too!

  8. Great points! I love getting off the beaten track and having a more authentic experience. My favorite trips are those I was able to connect with the locals and spend some time with them. Getting off the tourist route and being open to meeting people is the way to go.

    1. Yeah that sounds great, connecting with real people is what it’s all about.

  9. So true! I think I burned out of some of the super popular places just because of my dislike of crowds. I’d love to go to Portugal, I keep hearing good things about how kid-friendly it is and how beautiful. I’m always a sucker for good food, too.

    1. Yeah you should visit Portugal, it’s great! We don’t like big crowds either. lol

  10. Great suggestions for new destinations I will definitely put some of them on the list..

    1. Awesome!

  11. The imagery on your blog is fantastic!

    1. Thanks a lot!

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