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Are You Ready For The Roadtrip Experience?

So you’re planning a road trip?

Roadtripping is an idea that a lot of people fall in love with, but when it comes to actually committing to doing one, they quickly find themselves confused and overwhelmed. And we don’t want that to happen to you! Everyone deserves a good vacation after all, and a road trip can be an enriching, exciting experience that you have to do at least once in your life!

Wherever it is you want to drive yourself across, be it the Great Outback or the winding roads of an English town, you’re going to need to prepare yourself for a roadtrip experience.
Seeing as you’re going to need to eat, breathe, and sleep in your vehicle, you’re going to want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Here are a couple of tips on doing that.

Getting the map out is fine, but have you prepared for everything else too? 

Have You Packed Emergency Supplies?

Emergency supplies include, but are not limited to: snacks, bottles of water, extra batteries, car tools, crossword puzzles, and an extra blanket in the trunk. So if you don’t have any of the above packed in a spare bag at the back of your car, it’s time to remedy the situation!

Keep your glove box stocked up as well, as you’re definitely going to need some bandages and a flashlight in there. Maybe even a pair of gloves just in case your hands get cold on the wheel.

Packing emergency supplies should be second on your trip list, after packing your preliminary supplies. And hey, if you want to put some more M&Ms in that protein packing trail mix while you’re at it, we won’t tell!

Do You Have the Fuel Budget?

Going long distances in a car can be a quite an expense depending on the model of car you own, and that means you’re going to have to carefully calculate how much money the fuel is going to cost, and where you can stop off to refuel.

Use this Fuel Calculator to make that much easier on you, and also open up your Maps app to make sure you know the main spots on your route you can stop off at to get the tank ready again. Mark them out before you go and get to know the roads you’re on; it’ll pay off if you need to pull over somewhere safe and call for help as well.

Have You Reserved Anywhere to Stay?

Trust this: you’re not always going to want to sleep in you car, and it’s gonna pay to reserve some hotel or hostel spots before you go. Or even a friend’s couch if they’re on the route, or even a stranger’s spare bed if you find a trustworthy place to stay for that. Seeing as you’re using up a lot of money on your fuel already, you’re going to want to make sure to budget here!

Remember that going on a road trip will take some advance planning, but it will be totally worth it!

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