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3 Reasons You Need to Visit Tavira, Portugal Right Now!


You’re probably wondering, where in the world is Tavira?!?

This isn’t much of a surprise since Portugal is often overlooked as a travel destination, to begin with. So now if we want to talk about a city that is not Lisbon or Porto chances are that you’ve never heard of it. Well, worry not my friend. Let me tell you the top three reasons why you need to visit Tavira the next time you are in the south of Portugal. First off, where is Tavira anyways? Tavira is located in the famous Algarve region on the south coast of Portugal. There are great beaches, authentic culture and relaxing vibes on offer in this lesser-known city. So let’s dive into it! Here are the top three reasons you need to visit Tavira, Portugal right now!

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Number One – Tavira Island

OK, here’s number one. There’s an island! Yup, you read that right. Tavira has an island called Tavira Island just a few hundred meters off the coast. It’s 11 kilometers long and can be accessed with a water taxi that runs at regular intervals. The island has pristine white sand and even though it’s not far from the main city you will feel like you’ve just escaped to the middle of a tropical paradise as you relax with a cold drink and a refreshing sea breeze. This would be a great place to plan a picnic or a family day trip when you want to relax.

tavira island portugal

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tavira portugal views

Number Two – Portuguese Food

We all know that places like Lisbon are renowned for their great food. But did you know that there are some gems to be discovered in Tavira as well?

We’re not talking about the typical tourist traps but instead, we want to highlight typical homemade Portuguese food. The kind that feels like the Portuguese grandma that you wish you had made it for you with love! Yup, that’s the stuff! So if you are willing to search out Tavira you will stumble upon some great authentic Portuguese dishes.

Our top recommendation and a personal favorite of ours is Casa Simão. This is a quite unassuming place at first glance. Once you enter though you will start to see why we recommend this place so much. After sitting down you are served delicious local bread, pate, and olives as your waiter scurries around to take your drink order.

Casa Simão also has an amazing plate of the day and the price is affordable, only a little over 6 euros. Yeah, that’s right it’s dirt cheap. Did we mention that this is a full meal with a lot of food and it’s all good? Depending on the day you may be offered choices of fish, meat or a vegetable dish. We love this place so much, just writing about it makes me want to pay them a visit. So the next time you are in Tavira visit Casa Simão for us, you won’t regret it!

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tavira portugal streets

streets of tavira portugal

Number Three – Culture

So how can we describe this one? Well as you stroll leisurely along the cobblestoned streets as the sun sets you won’t help but feel like you are walking in some bygone village that existed a hundred years ago. The lanterns light up the night ever so faintly and so you decide to walk up the steps to the castle that dominates the city skyline. As you look out onto the city you can feel the culture and ambiance oozing from every corner. Yeah, that’s why we love Tavira and why you will love it too!

Tavira is not a place to rush around but instead to bask in the pace of people that actually live and inhabit the city. Take things at the Portuguese pace and let your problems drift away. We hope that these three reasons among many others to visit Tavira will motivate you to pack up your bags and head on over. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did!

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Have you been to Tavira? What did you think of the city? Let us know below, maybe you found something we didn’t see!
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  1. luigi

    I drove the entire length of the Algarve & didn’t find what I was looking for. I was heading back to my home on the Costa del Sol when I saw a sign for Tavira but remember that one of my newsletters said “don’t bother as they don’t speak English there.” In total defiance I decided to take a look & on my way home the realtor told my that my offer was accepted for my dream home next to the Castle in the Historic District. Tavira is like a beautiful artichoke that gets more flavourful, intriguing & interesting until you taste the succulent heart of its magical revelations. Simply not for everyone but insatiably satisfying to the cognoscenti of this world. Oh. & by the way, this was months before I even saw the magnificent beaches!

  2. Dee

    My friend & I visited Tavira in Oct 2012. It was like summer with no tourists. They call it locals’ Algarve. We saw a castle & salinas (salt flats). Tavira salt is soooo yummy! You can get it in Pingo Doce for €1. We stayed in old town Olhão in the section near the markets. And we took a boat to Culatra– empty beaches & culture tour about fishing villages. & drove to Ayamonte ES

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      That sounds great! We love Tavira, a real hidden gem!

  3. amit

    This is a bit of a coincidence, I’m going to be meeting some friends for a short trip in Morocco at the end of the year but they have literally just flew out of Portugal today and recently visited Tavira themselves. They fell in love with it and have been telling me so much about it, which you have now just re-iterated with this post, So looks like I’m going to have to pay Tavira a visit myself haha.

  4. umiko

    You made me want to look for Portuguese food in my city. And you were right, I’ve only heard about Lisbon and Porto.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      That’s great! Yeah there are many unknown destinations throughout Portugal.

  5. Maggie

    I keep hearing great things about Portugal, and this place sounds incredible. Is it difficult to get there?

  6. Anita

    This sounds amazing, another place to add to The List for sure!

  7. A.T

    Wow, I am very jealous. I love visiting places like this. I prefer places that are a little less touristy and famous. Your photos are beautiful. I have been thinking about visiting Portugal and I definitely will add this place to my list of cities there to visit. Thanks for sharing your experience on this beautiful island!

  8. Tara

    It looks like a gorgeous place to visit! I would love to visit the beach area and, of course, try the local eats!

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Awesome! Yeah, I’m sure you’d enjoy it!

  9. Maggie

    I keep hearing great things about Portugal, and Tavira sounds amazing. Is it easy to get there?

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Yeah, Portuga is wonderful. It’s often underrated. You can get to Tavira easily by flying into Faro airport.

  10. Tavira looks like a lovely place to visit. I would love to stroll on those cobblestone streets. The food sounds really good, too. Maybe I will go someday!

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Cool, yeah you should definitely go! It’s quite a special place.

  11. Brooke

    Beautiful pictures! You are right, I hadn’t heard of Tavira. My husband speaks Portuguese so he is always trying to talk me into going to Portugal! I’ll have to add it to my list.

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Nice! Yeah, you’d have an even richer experience since your husband speaks Portuguese. 🙂

  12. Brooke

    Beautiful pictures! You are right, I hadn’t heard of Tavira. My husband speaks Portuguese so he is always trying to talk me into going to Portugal! I’ll have to add it to my list.

  13. Citlali

    Wow seems like an amazing place with amazing sunsets Definitely have to go there someday

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      Cool, you’ll love it!

  14. A.T

    Wow! This has been added to my travel list. Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Antoine and Kanicia

      That’s great! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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