Traveling with a Partner- 5 Reasons to Bring A Friend on Your Next Trip!

Traveling with a Partner- 5 Reasons to Bring A Friend on Your Next Trip!


Is traveling with a partner worth it?

Are you thinking of traveling with a partner? Traveling the world? Or maybe you just want to take a short trip to another country in the near future? In this post, we’ll share with you 5 reasons why you might want to consider bringing your partner along with you for your travels. So let’s dive in!

Reason #1. Shared Experiences

A big reason for travel for many people is to experience new things and cultures. We wrote a blog post highlighting the 8 top reasons to travel which you can find here.

So wouldn’t it be better when you are experiencing new things such as food, sights, and culture to be able to share these special moments with someone that you love? Of course, it would!

Imagine that you are in a cafe in Paris, France soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying a delicious croissant and cafe au lait. Instead of just thinking to yourself that it would be nice if so-and-so were here you could be doubling your enjoyment by having them right there with you as you talk about how wonderful life is at that very moment. We’ve seen that in our travels, whenever we experience new and amazing things it’s always better to be able to share them together.

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Reason #2 Support

Travel is fun, let’s be clear on that. But it also can be challenging at times. When you are in an unknown place surrounded by strangers and you’re having a bad day it can get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly!

This is why reason number two is support, specifically that of your partner. When you are feeling stressed and anxious about your travels you will have your favorite person right there by your side to calm your nerves and provide the support you need to get through another day. Two are always stronger than one so why not prepare yourself for the challenges that inevitably arise when traveling from time to time.

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Reason #3 Safety

Now we realize that you probably aren’t going to be packing your bags to go visit the most dangerous countries out there. But that being said, sometimes even in relatively “safe” locations, bad things can happen.

This is why it makes sense to travel with another person. Being two people you are in a better position to avoid being targeted by pickpockets, assault and other things that may happen on your travels. You’ll also have someone to look out for you when you may make a  potentially dangerous decision such as venturing off into an unsafe area.

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Reason #4 Laugh Together

It’s amazing how when traveling to a new place there seems to be an endless amount of things that we can use to amuse ourselves. These might be situations that come up because of language barriers, lack of understanding the culture or just funny things that happen along the way.

You’ll find yourself bringing up these stories constantly as the weeks and months go by. It will feel as if they just happened yesterday and you will be the only two people to understand these inside jokes. So go ahead and grab your partner and venture into the great unknown, we promise you’ll have a few good laughs!

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Reason #5 Combatting Homesickness

One of the most challenging things that we’ve had to deal with in our travels has been homesickness. We didn’t really anticipate this, but trust us it can happen to anyone even if you are the most adventurous person out there.

It may take a few months but you will likely start to miss certain things from back home as well as your family and friends especially if you’ve been traveling long-term.

This is where having a partner by your side really makes a difference. That familiar face that you see each day is like bringing a piece of home with you everywhere you go. When you start to feel down you’ll have someone to express yourself to who will lift your spirits.

travel with a partner

We hope that these five reasons for traveling with a partner have convinced you to try it if you are on the fence. Go out there and explore, (hopefully with someone else!) Where would you like to go to with a partner? Tell us in the comments below!
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  1. I love traveling, and for sure is more fun with a partner! You included great reasons for not traveling alone in your post.

    1. Yeah it’s great to be able to travel with someone else!

  2. Awesome post.. we all need to travel with our partner to get best experience.. 🙂

    1. Definitely! I agree.

  3. Loved the post and I agree with all reasons you gave . I’ve found it fun and exciting to discover places together.

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